Programming language: Go
License: MIT License
Tags: Logging    
Latest version: v1.1.2

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RollingWriter Build Status Go Report Card GoDoc codecov Awesome

RollingWriter is an auto rotate io.Writer implementation. It can works well with logger.

Awesome Go popular log helper

New Version v2.0 is comming out! Much more Powerfull and Efficient. Try it by follow the demo

RollingWriter contains 2 separate patrs:

  • Manager: decide when to rotate the file with policy. RlingPolicy give out the rolling policy

    • WithoutRolling: no rolling will happen
    • TimeRolling: rolling by time
    • VolumeRolling: rolling by file size
  • IOWriter: impement the io.Writer and do the io write

    • Writer: not parallel safe writer
    • LockedWriter: parallel safe garented by lock
    • AsyncWtiter: parallel safe async writer
    • BufferWriter: merge serval write into one file.Write()


  • Auto rotate with multi rotate policies
  • Implement go io.Writer, provide parallel safe writer
  • Max remain rolling files with auto cleanup
  • Easy for user to implement your manager


goos: darwin
goarch: amd64
pkg: github.com/arthurkiller/rollingWriter
BenchmarkWrite-4                          300000              5952 ns/op               0 B/op          0 allocs/op
BenchmarkParallelWrite-4                  200000              7846 ns/op               0 B/op          0 allocs/op
BenchmarkAsynWrite-4                      200000              7917 ns/op           16324 B/op          1 allocs/op
BenchmarkParallelAsynWrite-4              200000              8632 ns/op           12513 B/op          1 allocs/op
BenchmarkLockedWrite-4                    200000              5829 ns/op               0 B/op          0 allocs/op
BenchmarkParallelLockedWrite-4            200000              7796 ns/op               0 B/op          0 allocs/op
BenchmarkBufferWrite-4                    200000              6943 ns/op            1984 B/op          4 allocs/op
BenchmarkParallelBufferWrite-4           1000000              1026 ns/op            7129 B/op          1 allocs/op
ok      github.com/arthurkiller/rollingWriter   14.867s

Quick Start

    writer, err := rollingwriter.NewWriterFromConfig(&config)
    if err != nil {

    writer.Write([]byte("hello, world"))

Want more? View demo for more details.

Any suggestion or new feature inneed, please put up an issue