Programming language: Go
License: MIT License
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A tool to be used with 'go generate' to embed external template files into Go code.


An often used scenario in developing go applications is to generate text (e.g. html pages) using the Go template packages. You have two choices: either editing the template in a dedicated file and to read this file at runtime from your application. Or you add a "big" string containing the template to the source of your app and parse this string to create the template.

If you want to create a single file application, then the more handy solution with a dedicated file is not desirable. On the other hand to edit a complex html template within a Go string in the source is very uncomfortable.

templify allows you to edit your template in an extra file and to generate an Go source file containing the embedded string.


go get github.com/wlbr/templify


Simply add a line

//go:generate templify mytemplate.file

for each template you want to embed. Every time you run a go generate in the corresponding folder, the file mytemplate.go will be created. It contains a function mytemplateTemplate returning the template string.

You may use templify mytemplate.file directly on the command line.


Usage of templify: templify [switches] templatefilename -e    export the generated, the template returning function. Default (false) means the function will not be exported.

-f    no formatting of the generated source. Default false means source will be formatted with gofmt.

-n string     name of generated, the template returning function. Its name will have 'Template' attached. Will be set to $(basename -s .ext outputfile) if empty (default).

-o string    name of output file. Defaults to name of template file excluding extension + '.go'.

-p string    name of package to be used in generated code (default "main").

-t string    name of alternate code generation template file. If empty (default), then the embedded template will be used. Template variables supplied are: .Name, .Package, .Content