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  • v3.0.1 Changes

    July 16, 2019
    • Add the tidb_wait_split_region_finish_backoff session variable to control the backoff time of splitting Regions #11166
    • πŸ‘Œ Support automatically adjusting the auto-incremental ID allocation step based on the load, and the auto-adjustment scope of the step is 1000~2000000 #11006
    • βž• Add the ADMIN PLUGINS ENABLE/ADMIN PLUGINS DISABLE SQL statement to dynamically enable or disable plugins #11157
    • βž• Add the session connection information in the audit plugin #11013
    • Add optimizer hint MAX_EXECUTION_TIME, which places a limit N (a timeout value in milliseconds) on how long a SELECT statement is permitted to execute before the server terminates it: #11026
    • πŸ”„ Change the default behavior during the period of splitting Regions to wait for PD to finish scheduling #11166
    • Prohibit Window Functions from being cached in Prepare Plan Cache to avoid incorrect results in some cases #11048
    • Prohibit ALTER statements from modifying the definition of stored generated columns #11068
    • Disallow changing virtual generated columns to stored generated columns #11068
    • Disallow changing the generated column expression with indexes #11068
    • πŸ‘Œ Support compiling TiDB on the ARM64 architecture #11150
    • πŸ‘Œ Support modifying the collation of a database or a table, but the character set of the database/table has to be UTF-8 or utf8mb4 #11086
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that an error is reported when the SELECT subquery in the UPDATE … SELECT statement fails to resolve the column in the UPDATE expression #11252
    • πŸ›  Fix the panic issue that happens when a column is queried on multiple times and the returned result is NULL during point queries #11226
    • πŸ›  Fix the data race issue caused by non-thread safe rand.Rand when using the RAND function #11169
    • πŸ›  Fix the bug that the memory usage of a SQL statement exceeds the threshold but the execution of this statement is not canceled in some cases when oom-action="cancel" is configured #11004
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that when a query ends, SHOW PROCESSLIST shows that the memory usage is not 0 because the memory usage of MemTracker was not correctly cleaned #10970
    • πŸ›  Fix the bug that the result of comparing integers and non-integers is not correct in some cases #11194
    • πŸ›  Fix the bug that the query result is not correct when the query on table partitions contains a predicate in explicit transactions #11196
    • πŸ›  Fix the DDL job panic issue because infoHandle might be NULL #11022
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that the query result is not correct because the queried column is not referenced in the subquery and is then wrongly pruned when running a nested aggregation query #11020
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that the Sleep function does not respond to the KILL statement in time #11028
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that the DB and INFO columns shown by the SHOW PROCESSLIST command are incompatible with MySQL #11003
    • πŸ›  Fix the system panic issue caused by the FLUSH PRIVILEGES statement when skip-grant-table=true is configured #11027
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that the primary key statistics collected by FAST ANALYZE are not correct when the table primary key is an UNSIGNED integer #11099
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that the "invalid key" error is reported by the FAST ANALYZE statement in some cases #11098
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that the precision shown by the SHOW CREATE TABLE statement is incomplete when CURRENT_TIMESTAMP is used as the default value of the column and the decimal precision is specified #11088
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that the function name is not in lowercase when window functions report an error to make it compatible with MySQL #11118
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that TiDB fails to connect to TiKV and thus cannot provide service after the background thread of TiKV Client Batch gRPC panics #11101
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that the variable is set incorrectly by SetVar because of the shallow copy of the string #11044
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that the execution fails and an error is reported when the INSERT … ON DUPLICATE statement is applied on table partitions #11231
    • Pessimistic locking (experimental feature)
      • Fix the issue that an incorrect result is returned because of the invalid lock on the row when point queries are run using the pessimistic locking and the returned data is empty #10976
      • Fix the issue that the query result is not correct because SELECT … FOR UPDATE does not use the correct TSO when using the pessimistic locking in the query #11015
    • πŸ”’ Change the detection behavior from immediate conflict detection to waiting when an optimistic transaction meets a pessimistic lock to avoid worsening the lock conflict #11051
  • v3.0.0

    June 28, 2019
  • v3.0.0-rc.3

    June 21, 2019
  • v3.0.0-rc.2 Changes

    May 28, 2019

    ⚑️ SQL Optimizer

    • πŸ‘Œ Support Index Join in more scenarios #10540
    • πŸ‘Œ Support exporting historical statistics #10291
    • πŸ‘Œ Support the incremental Analyze operation on monotonically increasing index columns #10355
    • Neglect the NULL value in the Order By clause #10488
    • πŸ›  Fix the wrong schema information calculation of the UnionAll logical operator when simplifying the column information #10384
    • Avoid modifying the original expression when pushing down the Not operator #10363
    • πŸ‘Œ Support the dump/load correlation of histograms #10573 ### Execution Engine
    • πŸ– Handle virtual columns with a unique index properly when fetching duplicate rows in batchChecker #10370
    • πŸ›  Fix the scanning range calculation issue for the CHAR column #10124
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue of PointGet incorrectly processing negative numbers #10113
    • πŸ”€ Merge Window functions with the same name to improve execution efficiency #9866
    • πŸ‘ Allow the RANGE frame in a Window function to contain no OrderBy clause #10496


    πŸ›  Fix the issue that TiDB continuously creates a new connection to TiKV when a fault occurs in TiKV #10301 Make tidb_disable_txn_auto_retry affect all retryable errors instead of only write conflict errors #10339 πŸ‘ Allow DDL statements without parameters to be executed using prepare/execute #10144 Add the tidb_back_off_weight variable to control the backoff time #10266 Prohibit TiDB retrying non-automatically committed transactions in default conditions by setting the default value of tidb_disable_txn_auto_retry to on #10266 πŸ›  Fix the database privilege judgment of role in RBAC #10261 πŸ‘Œ Support the pessimistic transaction model (experimental) #10297 πŸ”’ Reduce the wait time for handling lock conflicts in some cases #10006 πŸ‘‰ Make the Region cache able to visit follower nodes when a fault occurs in the leader node #10256 Add the tidb_low_resolution_tso variable to control the number of TSOs obtained in batches and reduce the times of transactions obtaining TSO to adapt for scenarios where data consistency is not so strictly required #10428


    πŸ›  Fix the uppercase issue of the charset name in the storage of the old version of TiDB #10272 πŸ‘Œ Support preSplit of table partition, which pre-allocates table Regions when creating a table to avoid write hotspots after the table is created #10221 πŸ›  Fix the issue that TiDB incorrectly updates the version information in PD in some cases #10324 πŸ‘Œ Support modifying the charset and collation using the ALTER DATABASE statement #10393 πŸ‘Œ Support splitting Regions based on the index and range of the specified table to relieve hotspot issues #10203 Prohibit modifying the precision of the decimal column using the alter table statement #10433 πŸ›  Fix the restriction for expressions and functions in hash partition #10273 πŸ›  Fix the issue that adding indexes in a table that contains partitions will in some cases cause TiDB panic #10475 Validate table information before executing the DDL to avoid invalid table schemas #10464 0️⃣ Enable hash partition by default; and enable range columns partition when there is only one column in the partition definition #9936

  • v3.0.0-rc.1 Changes

    May 10, 2019

    ⚑️ SQL Optimizer

    • Improve the accuracy of cost estimates by using order correlation between columns; introduce a heuristic parameter tidb_opt_correlation_exp_factor to control the preference for index scans for scenarios when correlation cannot be directly used for estimation. #9839
    • Match more prefix columns of the indexes when extracting access conditions of composite indexes if there are relevant columns in the filter #10053
    • Use the dynamic programming algorithm to specify the execution order of join operations when the number of tables participating in the join is less than the value of tidb_opt_join_reorder_threshold. #8816
    • πŸ— Match more prefix columns of the indexes in the inner tables that build the index join when using composite indexes as the access conditions #8471
    • πŸ‘Œ Improve the accuracy of row count estimation for single-column indexes with NULL values #9474
    • Specially handle GROUP_CONCAT when eliminating aggregate functions during the logical optimization phase to prevent incorrect executions #9967
    • Properly push the filter down to child nodes of the join operator if the filter is a constant #9848
    • Specially handle some functions such as RAND() when pruning columns during the logical optimization phase to prevent incompatibilities with MySQL #10064
    • Support FAST ANALYZE, which speeds up statistics collection by sampling the region instead of scanning the entire region. This feature is controlled by the variable tidb_enable_fast_analyze. #10258
    • πŸ‘Œ Support SQL Plan Management, which ensures execution stability by performing execution plan binding for SQL statements. This feature is currently in beta and only supports bound execution plans for SELECT statements. It is not recommended to use it in the production environment. #10284 ### Execution Engine
    • πŸ‘Œ Support tracking and controlling memory usage in three operators - TableReader, IndexReader and IndexLookupReader #10003
    • πŸ‘Œ Support showing more information about coprocessor tasks in the slow log such as the number of tasks in coprocessor, the average/longest/90% of execution/waiting time and the addresses of the TiKVs which take the longest execution time or waiting time #10165
    • πŸ‘Œ Support the prepared DDL statements with no placeholders #10144 ### Server
    • Only allow the DDL owner to execute bootstrap when TiDB is started #10029
    • Add the variable tidb_skip_isolation_level_check to prevent TiDB from reporting errors when setting the transaction isolation level to SERIALIZABLE #10065
    • πŸ”€ Merge the implicit commit time and the SQL execution time in the slow log #10294
    • πŸ‘Œ Support for SQL Roles (RBAC Privilege Management)
      • Support SHOW GRANT #10016
      • Support SET DEFAULT ROLE #9949
      • Support GRANT ROLE #9721
    • πŸ›  Fix the ConnectionEvent error from the whitelist plugin that makes TiDB exit #9889
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue of mistakenly adding read-only statements to the transaction history #9723
    • πŸ‘Œ Improve kill statements to stop SQL execution and release resources more quickly #9844
    • βž• Add a startup option config-check to check the validity of the configuration file #9855
    • πŸ›  Fix the validity check of inserting NULL fields when the strict SQL mode is disabled #10161 ### DDL
    • Add the pre_split_regions option for CREATE TABLE statements; this option supports pre-splitting the Table Region when creating a table to avoid write hot spots caused by lots of writes after the table creation #10138
    • 🐎 Optimize the execution performance of some DDL statements #10170
    • βž• Add the warning that full-text indexes are not supported for FULLTEXT KEY #9821
    • πŸ›  Fix the compatibility issue for the UTF8 and UTF8MB4 charsets in the old versions of TiDB #9820
    • Fix the potential bug in shard_row_id_bits of a table #9868
    • πŸ›  Fix the bug that the column charset is not changed after the table charset is changed #9790
    • πŸ›  Fix a potential bug in SHOW COLUMN when using BINARY/BIT as the column default value #9897
    • πŸ›  Fix the compatibility issue in displaying CHARSET/COLLATION descriptions in the SHOW FULL COLUMNS statement #10007
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that the SHOW COLLATIONS statement only lists collations supported by TiDB #10186
  • v3.0.0-beta.1 Changes

    March 26, 2019

    ⚑️ SQL Optimizer

    • πŸ‘Œ Support calculating the Cartesian product by using Sort Merge Join #9032
    • πŸ‘Œ Support Skyline Pruning, with some rules to prevent the execution plan from relying too heavily on statistics #9337
    • πŸ‘Œ Support Window Functions
    • βž• Add a type of statistic that indicates the order correlation between columns and the handle column #9315 ### SQL Execution Engine
    • βž• Add built-in functions:
    • ⚑️ Optimize the Chunk size based on the query context, to reduce the execution time of SQL statements and resources consumption of the cluster #6489 ### Privilege management
    • πŸ‘Œ Support SET ROLE and CURRENT_ROLE #9581
    • πŸ‘Œ Support DROP ROLE #9616
    • πŸ‘Œ Support CREATE ROLE #9461 ### Server
    • βž• Add the /debug/zip HTTP interface to get information of the current TiDB instance #9651
    • πŸ‘Œ Support the show pump status and show drainer status SQL statements to check the Pump or Drainer status 9456
    • πŸ‘Œ Support modifying the Pump or Drainer status by using SQL statements #9789
    • πŸ‘Œ Support adding HASH fingerprints to SQL text for easy tracking of slow SQL statements #9662
    • βž• Add the log_bin system variable ("0" by default) to control the enabling state of binlog; only support checking the state currently #9343
    • πŸ‘Œ Support managing the sending binlog strategy by using the configuration file #9864
    • Support querying the slow log by using the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.SLOW_QUERY memory table #9290
    • πŸ”„ Change the MySQL version displayed in TiDB from 5.7.10 to 5.7.25 #9553
    • 🌲 Unify the log format for easy collection and analysis by tools
    • Add the high_error_rate_feedback_total monitoring item to record the difference between the actual data volume and the estimated data volume based on statistics #9209
    • βž• Add the QPS monitoring item in the database dimension, which can be enabled by using a configuration item #9151 ### DDL
    • Add the ddl_error_count_limit global variable ("512" by default) to limit the number of DDL task retries (If this number exceeds the limit, the DDL task is canceled) #9295
    • πŸ‘Œ Support the SHOW CREATE VIEW statement #9309
    • πŸ‘Œ Support the SHOW CREATE USER statement #9240
  • v3.0.0-beta Changes

    January 18, 2019

    πŸ†• New Features

    • πŸ‘Œ Support View
    • πŸ‘Œ Support Window Function
    • πŸ‘Œ Support Range Partition
    • πŸ‘Œ Support Hash Partition

    ⚑️ SQL Optimizer

    • πŸ‘ Re-support the optimization rule of AggregationElimination #7676
    • ⚑️ Optimize the NOT EXISTS subquery and convert it to Anti Semi Join #7842
    • Add the tidb_enable_cascades_planner variable to support the new Cascades optimizer. Currently, the Cascades optimizer is not yet fully implemented and is turned off by default #7879
    • πŸ‘Œ Support using Index Join in transactions #7877
    • 🐎 Optimize the constant propagation on the Outer Join, so that the filtering conditions related to the Outer table in the Join result can be pushed down through the Outer Join to the Outer table, reducing the useless calculation of the Outer Join and improving the execution performance #7794
    • Adjust the optimization rule of Projection Elimination to the position after the Aggregation Elimination, to avoid redundant Project operators #7909
    • ⚑️ Optimize the IFNULL function and eliminate this function when the input parameter has a non-NULL attribute #7924
    • Support building range for _tidb_rowid, to avoid full table scan and reduce cluster stress #8047
    • Optimize the IN subquery to do the Inner Join after the aggregation, and add the tidb_opt_insubq_to_join_and_agg variable to control whether to enable this optimization rule and open it by default #7531
    • πŸ‘Œ Support using subqueries in the DO statement #8343
    • βž• Add the optimization rule of Outer Join elimination to reduce unnecessary table scan and Join operations and improve execution performance #8021
    • ⚑️ Modify the Hint behavior of the TIDB_INLJ optimizer, and the optimizer will use the table specified in Hint as the Inner table of Index Join #8243
    • πŸ‘‰ Use PointGet in a wide range so that it can be used when the execution plan cache of the Prepare statement takes effect #8108
    • ⚑️ Introduce the greedy Join Reorder algorithm to optimize the join order selection when joining multiple tables #8394
    • πŸ‘Œ Support View #8757
    • πŸ‘Œ Support Window Function #8630
    • ⚠ Return warning to the client when TIDB_INLJ is not in effect, to enhance usability #9037
    • πŸ‘Œ Support deducing the statistics for filtered data based on filtering conditions and table statistics #7921
    • πŸ‘Œ Improve the Partition Pruning optimization rule of Range Partition #8885

    SQL Executor

    • ⚑️ Optimize the Merge Join operator to support the empty ON condition #9037
    • ⚑️ Optimize the log and print the user variables used when executing the EXECUTE statement #7684
    • ⚑️ Optimize the log to print slow query information for the COMMIT statement #7951
    • πŸ‘Œ Support the EXPLAIN ANALYZE feature to make the SQL tuning process easier #7827
    • 🐎 Optimize the write performance of wide tables with many columns #7935
    • Support admin show next_row_id #8242
    • Add the tidb_init_chunk_size variable to control the size of the initial Chunk used by the execution engine #8480
    • Improve shard_row_id_bits and cross-check the auto-increment ID #8936

    Prepare Statement

    • Prohibit adding the Prepare statement containing subqueries to the query plan cache to guarantee the query plan is correct when different user variables are input #8064
    • ⚑️ Optimize the query plan cache to guarantee the plan can be cached when the statement contains non-deterministic functions #8105
    • ⚑️ Optimize the query plan cache to guarantee the query plan of DELETE/UPDATE/INSERT can be cached #8107
    • ⚑️ Optimize the query plan cache to remove the corresponding plan when executing the DEALLOCATE statement #8332
    • ⚑️ Optimize the query plan cache to avoid the TiDB OOM issue caused by caching too many plans by limiting the memory usage #8339
    • ⚑️ Optimize the Prepare statement to support using the ? placeholder in the ORDER BY/GROUP BY/LIMIT clause #8206

    Privilege Management

    • βž• Add the privilege check for the ANALYZE statement #8486
    • βž• Add the privilege check for the USE statement #8414
    • βž• Add the privilege check for the SET GLOBAL statement #8837
    • βž• Add the privilege check for the SHOW PROCESSLIST statement #7858


    • πŸ‘Œ Support the Trace feature #9029
    • πŸ‘Œ Support the plugin framework #8788
    • πŸ‘Œ Support using unix_socket and TCP simultaneously to connect to the database #8836
    • πŸ‘Œ Support the interactive_timeout system variable #8573
    • πŸ‘Œ Support the wait_timeout system variable #8346
    • Support splitting a transaction into multiple transactions based on the number of statements using the tidb_batch_commit variable #8293
    • πŸ‘Œ Support using the ADMIN SHOW SLOW statement to check slow logs #7785


    • Support the ALLOW_INVALID_DATES SQL mode #9027
    • πŸ‘Œ Improve LoadData fault-tolerance for the CSV file #9005
    • πŸ‘Œ Support the MySQL 320 handshake protocol #8812
    • πŸ‘Œ Support using the unsigned bigint column as the auto-increment column #8181
    • πŸ‘Œ Support the SHOW CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS syntax #8926
    • 🀑 Abandon the predicate pushdown operation when the filtering condition contains a user variable to improve the compatibility with MySQL's behavior of using user variables to mock the Window Function behavior #8412


    • πŸ‘Œ Support fast recovery of mistakenly deleted tables #7937
    • πŸ‘Œ Support adjusting the number of concurrencies of ADD INDEX dynamically #8295
    • πŸ‘Œ Support changing the character set of tables or columns to utf8/utf8mb4 #8037
    • πŸ”„ Change the default character set from utf8 to utf8mb4 #7965
    • πŸ‘Œ Support Range Partition #8011
  • v2.1.14 Changes

    July 04, 2019
    • πŸ›  Fix wrong query results caused by column pruning in some cases #11019
    • πŸ›  Fix the wrongly displayed information in db and info columns of show processlist #11000
    • Fix the issue that MAX_EXECUTION_TIME as a SQL hint and global variable does not work in some cases #10999
    • πŸ‘Œ Support automatically adjust the incremental step allocated by auto-increment ID based on the load #10997
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that the Distsql memory information of MemTracker is not correctly cleaned when a query ends #10971
    • βž• Add the MEM column in the information_schema.processlist table to describe the memory usage of a query #10896
    • Add the max_execution_time global system variable to control the maximum execution time of a query #10940
    • πŸ›  Fix the panic caused by using unsupported aggregate functions #10911
    • βž• Add an automatic rollback feature for the last transaction when the load data statement fails #10862
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that TiDB returns a wrong result in some cases when the OOMAction configuration item is set to Cancel #11016
    • Disable the TRACE statement to avoid the TiDB panic issue #11039
    • Add the mysql.expr_pushdown_blacklist system table that dynamically enables/disables pushing down specific functions to Coprocessor #10998
    • Fix the issue that the ANY_VALUE function does not work in the ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY mode #10994
    • πŸ›  Fix the incorrect evaluation caused by not doing a deep copy when evaluating the user variable of the string type #11043
  • v2.1.13 Changes

    June 21, 2019
    • Add a feature to use SHARD_ROW_ID_BITS to scatter row IDs when the column contains an AUTO_INCREMENT attribute to relieve the hotspot issue #10788
    • πŸ“‡ Optimize the lifetime of invalid DDL metadata to speed up recovering the normal execution of DDL operations after upgrading the TiDB cluster #10789
    • πŸ›  Fix the OOM issue in high concurrent scenarios caused by the failure to quickly release Coprocessor resources, resulted from the execdetails.ExecDetails pointer #10833
    • βž• Add the update-stats configuration item to control whether to update statistics #10772
    • βž• Add the following TiDB-specific syntax to support Region presplit to solve the hotspot issue:
      • Add the PRE_SPLIT_REGIONS table option #10863
      • Add the SPLIT TABLE table_name INDEX index_name syntax #10865
      • Add the SPLIT TABLE [table_name] BETWEEN (min_value...) AND (max_value...) REGIONS [region_num] syntax #10882
    • πŸ›  Fix the panic issue caused by the KILL syntax in some cases #10879
    • πŸ‘Œ Improve the compatibility with MySQL for ADD_DATE in some cases #10718
    • πŸ›  Fix the wrong estimation for the selectivity rate of the inner table selection in index join #10856
  • v2.1.12 Changes

    June 13, 2019
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue caused by unmatched data types when using the index query feedback #10755
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that the blob column is changed to the text column caused by charset altering in some cases #10745
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that the GRANT operation in the transaction mistakenly reports β€œDuplicate Entry” in some cases #10739
    • πŸ‘Œ Improve the compatibility with MySQL of the following features
      • The DAYNAME function #10732
      • The MONTHNAME function #10733
      • Support the 0 value for the EXTRACT function when processing MONTH #10702
      • The DECIMAL type can be converted to TIMESTAMP or DATETIME #10734
    • πŸ”„ Change the column charset while changing the table charset #10714
    • πŸ›  Fix the overflow issue when converting a decimal to a float in some cases #10730
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that some extremely large messages report the β€œgrpc: received message larger than max” error caused by inconsistent maximum sizes of messages sent/received by gRPC of TiDB and TiKV #10710
    • πŸ›  Fix the panic issue caused by ORDER BY not filtering NULL in some cases #10488
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that values returned by the UUID function might be duplicate when multiple nodes exist #10711
    • πŸ”„ Change the value returned by CAST(-num as datetime) from error to NULL #10703
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that an unsigned histogram meets signed ranges in some cases #10695
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that an error is reported mistakenly for reading data when the statistics feedback meets the bigint unsigned primary key #10307
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that the result of Show Create Table for partitioned tables is not correctly displayed in some cases #10690
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that the calculation result of the GROUP_CONCAT aggregate function is not correct for some correlated subqueries #10670
    • πŸ›  Fix the issue that the result of Show Create Table for partitioned tables is not correctly displayed in some cases #10690