Vault v1.12.1 Release Notes

  • November 2, 2022


    • api: Support VAULT_DISABLE_REDIRECTS environment variable (and --disable-redirects flag) to disable default client behavior and prevent the client following any redirection responses. [GH-17352]
    • database/snowflake: Allow parallel requests to Snowflake [GH-17593]
    • 🔌 plugins: Add plugin version information to key plugin lifecycle log lines. [GH-17430]
    • 👍 sdk/ldap: Added support for paging when searching for groups using group filters [GH-17640]

    🐛 BUG FIXES:

    • 🚚 cli: Remove empty table heading for vault secrets list -detailed output. [GH-17577]
    • 👍 core/managed-keys (enterprise): Return better error messages when encountering key creation failures
    • ✅ core/managed-keys (enterprise): Switch to using hash length as PSS Salt length within the test/sign api for better PKCS#11 compatibility
    • core: Fix panic caused in Vault Agent when rendering certificate templates [GH-17419]
    • ⚠ core: Fixes spurious warnings being emitted relating to "unknown or unsupported fields" for JSON config [GH-17660]
    • core: prevent memory leak when using control group factors in a policy [GH-17532]
    • core: prevent panic during mfa after enforcement's namespace is deleted [GH-17562]
    • kmip (enterprise): Fix a problem in the handling of attributes that caused Import operations to fail.
    • kmip (enterprise): Fix selection of Cryptographic Parameters for Encrypt/Decrypt operations.
    • login: Store token in tokenhelper for interactive login MFA [GH-17040]
    • secrets/pki: Respond to tidy-status, tidy-cancel on PR Secondary clusters. [GH-17497]
    • 💻 ui: Fixes oidc/jwt login issue with alternate mount path and jwt login via mount path tab [GH-17661]