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  • v2.0.1 Changes

    September 08, 2020

    πŸ”„ Changelog

    ⚑️ c4749b2 fix: update import statements

  • v2.0.0 Changes

    September 05, 2020

    πŸ”„ Changelog

    c77fcb5 BREAKING CHANGE: comment out bugs field
    17b78f9 BREAKING CHANGE: VideoSearchBuilder.HD rename
    ce9b346 BREAKING CHANGE: APIMethodURL rename
    c8aea67 BREAKING CHANGE: rename FOAFURL
    c968e1c BREAKING CHANGE: use MarketOrderStatus type
    🚚 a8b98d1 BREAKING CHANGE: remove deprecated func
    3f7d336 BREAKING CHANGE: rename IDS -> IDs
    f323c22 BREAKING CHANGE: v5.113 use StoriesFeedItem
    91d7d77 BREAKING CHANGE: v5.115 use StoriesViewer
    2a415b8 BREAKING CHANGE: v5.118 use StoriesSave
    743c373 BREAKING CHANGE: v5.120
    aafe27d BREAKING CHANGE: AppsApp use AuthorOwnerID
    5157cc0 BREAKING CHANGE: NewKeyboard return pointers
    πŸ›° faad82c BREAKING CHANGE: keyboard payload become interface
    🚚 01f5df5 BREAKING CHANGE: remove AudioAudioFull
    b3006a0 BREAKING CHANGE: add MessagesChatPreview
    ⚑️ 02a8888 BREAKING CHANGE: v5.122 update MarketMarketItem
    6ac648a BREAKING CHANGE: new errors
    ⚑️ 616f0a2 BREAKING CHANGE: update streaming errors
    πŸ‘ b88e020 BREAKING CHANGE: support ...Params
    5598ce3 BREAKING CHANGE: token pool in NewVK
    🚚 3932d85 BREAKING CHANGE: events remove type func
    4d7b2be BREAKING CHANGE: rename Longpoll -> LongPoll

    a39f7c0 feat: add MessagesSendMessageEventAnswer method
    ee4f4b5 feat: add MessageEvent event
    08ae03e feat: add transcript for audio messages
    6577428 feat: add button colors
    df2c5d3 feat: AppsApp v5.105
    11ba307 feat: v5.110
    b7909d7 feat: GroupsMarketInfo add CanMessage
    be85404 feat: MessagesMessage add ExpireTTL
    1329824 feat: add StoriesSave method
    607c908 feat: MarketMarketItem add Dimensions and Weight
    ⚑️ 111b7c2 feat: update MessagesConversation
    30c71dc feat: AccountInfo more fields
    774fc10 feat: add callback button
    9b43449 Added the "expire_ttl" and "is_expired" fields for a long-poll user.
    3dfad7d НСсколько констант ΠΈ описаниС ΠΊΠ½ΠΎΠΏΠΎΠΊ
    52475b1 feat: add intents
    637c0d2 feat: add PhotosConfirmTags method
    3c44044 feat: add PhotosDeclineTags method
    c4b57a4 ΠšΠΎΠ½ΡΡ‚Π°Π½Ρ‚Ρ‹-Π°Ρ‚Ρ‚Π°Ρ‡ΠΌΠ΅Π½Ρ‚Ρ‹
    d5039a8 feat: add PhotosSkipTags method
    c7ea8ef feat: AudioAudioFull add ShortVideosAllowed
    89163e8 feat: AudioAudioFull add IsFocusTrack
    00bb1bb feat: VideoVideo add ContentRestrictedMessage
    c31ae7d feat: StoriesStory add CanLike
    0️⃣ 9bb408e feat: MessagesChatSettingsPhoto add IsDefaultPhoto
    dd077f6 feat: AppsApp add AuthorURL
    498edc7 feat: GroupsActionButtonTarget add IsInternal
    61d7496 feat: AudioAudio add AudioAds
    f64e7fb feat: add MessagesChatPermission
    b010f85 feat: add NewsfeedCategoryAction
    0a17a16 feat: WallWallpostToID add ParentsStack
    bf7d9a9 feat: WallWallpostToID add MarkedAsAds
    d65200c feat: WallWallpost add PostID
    dbc0746 feat: WallWallpost add ParentsStack
    8ac5f6a feat: AudioAudio add IsLicensed
    a16026a feat: add ErrMessagesReplyTimedOut
    ba0a300 feat: add CharsetUnknownError
    78acdd2 fix: return more json.UnmarshalTypeError
    37a5e47 feat: add ErrMarketSpecifyDimensions
    369ac4d feat: add ErrVKPayStatus
    2bc8a46 feat: add InvalidContentType error
    a69352a fix: api.Error.As interface{}
    ⚑️ f9984f3 feat: longpoll update errors
    fcd201f feat: add UploadError
    b4cd8f5 fix: upload errors
    🚚 92a724c fix: remove As method
    0434026 fix: ExecuteWithArgs return ExecuteErrors pointer
    e27132c feat: add ErrMarketAlreadyEnabled
    26ea570 feat: ErrMarketAlreadyDisabled
    068bfd3 feat: add GroupsToggleMarket method
    5441cd5 feat: events add context
    a4d689c Add field "app_id" in FriendBecameOnline for user longpoll
    8a57ec8 feat: VideoSearch add Legal params
    🚚 b72e552 fix: remove WallWallpostAttached
    πŸ— 173cd2a build(deps): bump from 1.1.0 to 1.2.0
    cc94f70 feat: likes.add add ReactionID parameter
    bf5632d fix: add MarkeOrder... events methods
    0760aac feat: add ListEvents for FuncList method
    7b27f24 feat: callback AutoSetting
    🚚 8907c58 fix: remove photo.*Tags methods
    7c30ff7 feat: autoSetting for Longpoll bots

  • v1.10.0 Changes

    June 29, 2020

    πŸ”„ Changelog

    ee82c98 feat: BaseSticker size functions
    1aac114 feat: add AdsGetAdsTargetingBuilder.OnlyDeleted
    b9ae23c feat: add ExecuteWithArgs method
    280eeb2 feat: add UserDeactivated error
    9158b69 feat: add ServiceDeactivated error
    πŸ“Œ 3bdc101 feat: add MessagesEditPinned error
    6fba15e feat: add AliExpressTag error

  • v1.9.0 Changes

    June 15, 2020

    πŸ”„ Changelog

    πŸ†• New module:

    afec668 feat: marusia module

    πŸ†• New events:

    fd4538d feat: add MarketOrderNew event
    a4ce22b feat: add MarketOrderEdit event

    πŸ†• New methods:

    1e601b9 feat: add AdsGetAccounts method
    6311f27 feat: add AdsDeleteTargetGroup method
    f20d173 feat: add AdsDeleteTargetPixel method
    🚚 03ac011 feat: add AdsRemoveTargetContacts method
    ⚑️ 57a8181 feat: add AdsUpdateTargetGroup method
    ⚑️ d0ecdde feat: add AdsUpdateTargetPixel method
    b67e9a1 feat: add AdsGetMusicians method
    a9c8477 feat: add DownloadedGamesGetPaidStatus method

    More fields:

    1af16b8 feat: MessagesSendBuilder add PeerIDs
    e7f722c feat: MessagesMessageAttachment add Story
    7be9657 feat: MessagesGetHistoryResponse add extended

    More params:

    688a254 feat: NotificationsSendMessage add RandomID param
    0b6b611 feat: NewsfeedUnignoreItem add TrackCode param

    More errors:

    6a43c7b feat: add Compile error
    8fa3ae7 feat: add Runtime error
    14379e5 feat: add NotEnoughMoney error
    3f894ea feat: add GroupAppIsNotInstalledInCommunity error
    19b0bcc feat: add MessagesMemberAccessToGroupDenied error

    πŸ›  Fix:

    0️⃣ 0810158 fix: defaultHandler defer close in loop
    🚚 514ca19 fix: MessagesSend method remove peer_ids
    396fd63 fix: streaming check wsResp != nil


    1483ec4 feat: add MarketOrderStatus

  • v1.8.0 Changes

    June 01, 2020

    πŸ”„ Changelog

    New events:

    bf4279e feat: add LikeAdd event
    🚚 5d89e0e feat: add LikeRemove event

    πŸ†• New methods:

    e3476ed feat: add GroupsSetUserNote method
    f997903 feat: add GroupsTagAdd method
    15e7a09 feat: add GroupsTagBind method
    cf72d55 feat: add GroupsTagDelete method
    ⚑️ ee2b5a7 feat: add GroupsTagUpdate method
    1486d9b feat: add GroupsGetTagList method
    81245fe feat: add StoriesSendInteraction method

    πŸ†• New structures:

    dbac97b feat: add WallPostCopyright
    c35b43a feat: add NewsfeedItemMarket
    1a65f22 feat: add Privacy

    More params:

    fdd2873 feat: MessagesSendBuilder add SubscribeID
    βž• f05a77e feat: add like_add and like_remove params

    More fields:

    a1729db feat: PollsPoll add DisableUnvote
    a5aa82b feat: VideoVideo add UserID
    4908f08 feat: PhotosGetMessagesUploadServer... add GroupID
    09f9daf feat: GroupsGroup add TrackCode
    0️⃣ 8fb158c feat: MessagesChat add IsDefaultPhoto
    6543b0c feat: PhotosPhoto add HasTags
    2e1fb3b feat: WallPostSource add Link
    b3ae21e feat: Article add NoFooter
    1590e2c feat: UsersUser add TrackCode
    69a164a feat: GroupsCountersGroup add Articles
    2931ae6 feat: GroupsGroupPublicCategoryList.Subcategories
    a533821 feat: MessagesHistoryAttachment add FromID
    36165d8 feat: MessagesGetLongPollHistoryResponse.FromPTS
    07ad754 feat: NewsfeedNewsfeedItem add fields
    4cc5bfb feat: NewsfeedItemWallpost add FromID
    0f33b46 feat: PagesWikipageFull add PageID
    4bfee48 feat: UsersUser add RelationPartner
    f4d70af feat: BaseLink add target
    cc80b1a feat: GroupsGroup add PublicDateLabel
    f42df75 feat: GroupsGroup add more fields
    a43ff8c feat: PhotosPhoto add Color
    πŸ“„ 81fc1d6 feat: DocsDoc add DocsDocPreviewGraffiti
    e4a631d feat: add PostID for like events
    8b35b86 feat: AppsApp add more fields
    d7f6539 feat: AccountAccountCounters add Faves
    328d60b feat: AccountUserSettings add ID
    9309434 feat: UsersUser add Type
    6651e88 feat: DatabaseMetroStation add CityID
    7e2fd8f feat: GroupsMarketInfo add Wiki
    bf1a918 feat: MessagesConversationChatSettings add CanCall
    2f32053 feat: MessagesChat add ChatSettings
    6b725b9 feat: GroupsGroupSettings add Phone
    48967c9 feat: AppsCatalogBanner add Description
    1481c14 feat: PagesWikipageFull add VersionCreated
    2a06fa6 feat: PhotosPhotoFull add HasTags
    dfc8cc2 feat: VideoVideo add CanAttachLink
    dd34ae3 feat: NewsfeedItemWallpost add more fields
    210c89a feat: UsersSchool add Speciality
    1b96d51 feat: UsersUser add Skype
    ⚑️ 76c1dfd feat: update PhotosPhoto objects
    f8f3bcc feat: GroupsCountersGroup add Narratives
    9803f99 feat: WallGraffiti add more fields
    b31ff0b feat: MessagesGetHistoryAttachments add fields
    fde5dd4 feat: PhotosPhotoFull add CanRepost
    8ffa2b7 feat: BaseLink add more fields
    4ce91ee feat: add invalid longpoll events

    JSON tag misspelling:

    09b97e3 fix: PollsBackground.Name json tag misspelling
    πŸ“„ 56a38c6 fix: DocsSaveResponse.Type json tag misspelling
    d203044 fix: GroupsGroup.IsAdult json tag misspelling
    02b9501 fix: GroupsGroup.TrackCode json tag misspelling
    93aedea fix: AppsGetFriendsList.Items json tag misspelling
    b342147 fix: callback LikerID json tag misspelling


    a05ff99 fix: PhotosPhotoFull.Reposts type
    d1231de feat: add DonutDisabled error
    ⚑️ 8997470 feat: update version 1.8.0

  • v1.7.0 Changes

    May 18, 2020

    πŸ”„ Changelog

    db438be feat: add MarketGetGroupOrders
    bd31c48 feat: add MarketGetOrderByID
    4584709 feat: add MarketGetOrderItems
    cd21444 feat: add MarketEditOrder
    584b193 feat: add GroupInvalidInviteLink error
    e1809a3 feat: StoriesClickableSticker add type app
    066caa0 feat: add AdsGetAdsTargetingBuilder.OnlyDeleted
    πŸ“„ 2a4c287 feat: MaxSize and MinSize for DocsDocPreviewPhotoSizes (#109 @geosonic)
    3612a55 fix: UsersOnlineInfo status
    πŸ‘ 8290e80 fix: BaseImage support src field
    ad2cafe fix: UploadAppImage parameter misspelling (#106)
    ef946e8 fix: UploadGroupImage parameter misspelling (#107)

  • v1.6.0 Changes

    April 20, 2020

    πŸ”„ Changelog

    0070838 feat: add Payments API
    f3b67e4 feat: add NewLongpollCommunity
    πŸ›° dbe7e53 feat: add MessagesBasePayload
    edcdd3a feat: add VideoRestriction
    8fc536a feat: add more UsersUser fields
    edca76c feat: add more Messages ErrorType
    1bba39e feat: add RedirectURI for Error
    d1dc264 feat: add TokenExtension error
    3b08e52 feat: common params
    dd10d3b feat: Params add Confirm
    36720a9 fix: vkapps.Verify not escapes query params
    5e55b7f fix: callback method receiver use pointer
    9b791b2 fix: api check invalid content-type
    eee8302 fix: vksdk.Version check

  • v1.5.0 Changes

    April 08, 2020

    πŸ”„ Changelog

    d7d56a5 feat: new constructors function
    6f756bf feat: add token pool
    a372bbe feat: client with token pool
    dc626a7 feat: handler for special events
    a3e3e25 feat: StorageGetResponse func ToMap
    3915d61 fix: retry request if too many requests per second
    ffd1f6f fix: NewCallback make map
    bfd348e fix: websocket send User-Agent
    1266ee9 fix: FriendsRequests add UsersUser fields
    7fa4232 fix: assignments should only be cuddled with other assignments

  • v1.4.0 Changes

    March 23, 2020

    πŸ”„ Changelog

    2f8ef9e feat: all send User-Agent
    6ae4ee3 feat: BaseLink add Video
    e644bbb feat: foaf add ProfileStateDeactivated
    3656bcb feat: chat settings add AdminIDs
    f6ada62 feat: add music clickable sticker
    d6833cb feat: add stories promo data
    898c9d5 feat: add stories narrative info
    d4dd86c feat: func MessagesKeyboard return pointer
    f640422 feat: add clickable stickers func
    8120e09 feat: more constants
    138c4f4 feat: XMLSanitizerReader for foaf
    f2ac2a2 feat: PollsBackground add Name field
    e3897c0 feat: add event constants
    f182bde fix: color should't be in open link buttons
    🚚 7c702dd fix: remove
    b593e52 fix: foaf decoder.Strict set false
    πŸ‘ ca83dad fix: vkapps support go1.11

  • v1.3.0 Changes

    March 01, 2020

    πŸ”„ Changelog

    80a78dd feat: add VideoActionButton
    3db8c69 feat: add Streaming API
    78e4304 feat: add longpoll events wrapper (#79)
    287e55c feat: add consts to describe user longpoll modes
    aefe0b1 feat: add custom vk.Handler
    20fc5ed feat: add likes to Stories
    πŸ“Š 93367a8 feat: add poll clickable sticker
    efafda2 fix: now Request does not rewrite access_token and v parameters (#85 by @tdakkota)
    50e5921 fix: mistyping, cyrillic 'C' in MembersCount (#85 by @tdakkota)
    f5a35af fix: FullResponse handler call missed (#80 by @tdakkota)
    36be1cd fix: add GroupsSectionsList
    063bb55 fix: add GroupsActionButton
    6c75b1b fix: GroupsGetMembersFilterManagersResponse