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License: MIT License

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Lightweight Golang Microservice Framework

  • 💡 Starts from golang interface, no need to learn new IDL(interface definition language).
  • 🛠️ Built-in SWIM gossip protocol based service register and discovery mechanism to help you build a robust, scalable and decentralized service cluster.
  • 🔩 Powerful code generator cli built-in. After defining your interface methods, your only job is implementing your awesome idea.
  • ⚡ Born from the cloud-native era. Built-in CLI can speed up your product iteration.
  • 🔑 Built-in service governance support including remote configuration management, client-side load balancer, rate limiter, circuit breaker, bulkhead, timeout, retry and more.
  • 📦️ Supporting both monolith and microservice architectures gives you flexibility to design your system.

Go-doudou(doudou pronounce /dəudəu/)is OpenAPI v3 spec based lightweight microservice framework. It supports monolith service application as well. Currently, it supports RESTful service only.

Read the Docs https://go-doudou.github.io to Learn More.


Give credits to following repositories and all their contributors:

  • hashicorp/memberlist: go-doudou is relying on it to implement service register/discovery/fault tolerance feature.
  • gorilla/mux: go-doudou is relying on it to implement http router.
  • [go-redis/redis_rate](github.com/go-redis/redis_rate): go-doudou is relying on it to implement redis based rate limit feature
  • apolloconfig/agollo: go-doudou is relying on it to implement remote configuration management support for Apollo
  • nacos-group/nacos-sdk-go: go-doudou is relying on it to implement service discovery and remote configuration management support for Nacos


Welcome to contribute to go-doudou by forking it and submitting pr or issues. If you like go-doudou, please give it a star!

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🔋 JetBrains Open Source License

Go-doudou has been being developed with GoLand under the free JetBrains Open Source license(s) granted by JetBrains s.r.o., hence I would like to express my gratitude here.



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