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go-socket.io is an implementation of Socket.IO in Golang, which is a realtime application framework.

Currently this library supports 1.4 version of the Socket.IO client. It supports room and namespaces.

Go 1.9+ is required!

Help wanted This project is looking for contributors to help fix bugs and implement new features. Please check Issue 192. All help is much appreciated.

  • for compatibility with Socket.IO 0.9.x, please use branch 0.9.x *



Install the package with:

go get github.com/googollee/go-socket.io

Import it with:

import "github.com/googollee/go-socket.io"

and use socketio as the package name inside the code.

Last changes

Important changes:

Short info Description Date
Changed signature of OnError Changed signature of OnError From: server.OnError(string, func(error)) To: server.OnError(string, func(Conn, error)) 2019-10-16


Please check the example folder for details.

package main

import (


func main() {
    server, err := socketio.NewServer(nil)
    if err != nil {
    server.OnConnect("/", func(s socketio.Conn) error {
        fmt.Println("connected:", s.ID())
        return nil
    server.OnEvent("/", "notice", func(s socketio.Conn, msg string) {
        fmt.Println("notice:", msg)
        s.Emit("reply", "have "+msg)
    server.OnEvent("/chat", "msg", func(s socketio.Conn, msg string) string {
        return "recv " + msg
    server.OnEvent("/", "bye", func(s socketio.Conn) string {
        last := s.Context().(string)
        s.Emit("bye", last)
        return last
    server.OnError("/", func(s socketio.Conn, e error) {
        fmt.Println("meet error:", e)
    server.OnDisconnect("/", func(s socketio.Conn, reason string) {
        fmt.Println("closed", reason)
    go server.Serve()
    defer server.Close()

    http.Handle("/socket.io/", server)
    http.Handle("/", http.FileServer(http.Dir("./asset")))
    log.Println("Serving at localhost:8000...")
    log.Fatal(http.ListenAndServe(":8000", nil))

Acknowledgements in go-socket.io 1.X.X

See documentation about acknowledgements

Sending ACK with data from SERVER to CLIENT
  • Client-side
 //using client-side socket.io-1.X.X.js
 socket.emit('some:event', JSON.stringify(someData), function(data){
       console.log('ACK from server wtih data: ', data));
  • Server-side
// The return type may vary depending on whether you will return
// In golang implementation of Socket.IO don't used callbacks for acknowledgement,
// but used return value, which wrapped into ack package and returned to the client's callback in JavaScript
so.On("some:event", func(msg string) string {
    return msg //Sending ack with data in msg back to client, using "return statement"
Sending ACK with data from CLIENT to SERVER
  • Client-side
//using client-side socket.io-1.X.X.js
//last parameter of "on" handler is callback for sending ack to server with data or without data
socket.on('some:event', function (msg, sendAckCb) {
    //Sending ACK with data to server after receiving some:event from server
    sendAckCb(JSON.stringify(data)); // for example used serializing to JSON
  • Server-side
//You can use Emit or BroadcastTo with last parameter as callback for handling ack from client
//Sending packet to room "room_name" and event "some:event"
so.BroadcastTo("room_name", "some:event", dataForClient, func (so socketio.Socket, data string) {
    log.Println("Client ACK with data: ", data)

// Or

so.Emit("some:event", dataForClient, func (so socketio.Socket, data string) {
    log.Println("Client ACK with data: ", data)
Broadcast to All connected Client
  • Server-side
//Add all connected user to a room, in example? "bcast"
server.OnConnect("/", func(s socketio.Conn) error {
    fmt.Println("connected:", s.ID())
    return nil

//Broadcast message to all connected user
server.BroadcastToRoom("", "bcast", "event:name", msg)
  • Client-side socket.on('some:event', function (msg) { console.log(msg); });
Cautch Disconnected reason
  • Server-side

so.OnDisconnect("/", func(so socketio.Conn, reason string) {
    log.Println("closed", reason)

Possible reasons:

Reason Side Description
client namespace disconnect Client Side Got disconnect packet from client


Telegram chat: @go_socketio


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [[Contribute](CONTRIBUTING.md)].


The 3-clause BSD License - see LICENSE for more details

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the go-socket.io README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.