Programming language: Go
License: GNU Affero General Public License v3.0
Tags: Messaging    
Latest version: v0.11.0-beta.1

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Protocol and Reference Implementation

Mercure is a protocol allowing to push data updates to web browsers and other HTTP clients in a convenient, fast, reliable and battery-efficient way. It is especially useful to publish async and real-time updates of resources served through web APIs, to reactive web and mobile apps.

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The protocol has been published as an Internet Draft that is maintained in this repository.

A reference, production-grade, implementation of a Mercure hub (the server) is also available in this repository. It's a free software (AGPL) written in Go. It is provided along with a library that can be used in any Go application to implement the Mercure protocol directly (without a hub) and an official Docker image.

In addition, a managed and high-scalability version of the Mercure.rocks hub is available on Mercure.rocks.



License and Copyright

See https://mercure.rocks/docs/hub/license.


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