Programming language: Go
Latest version: v0.2.2

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A Markdown previewer written in Go

Why orange-cat?

GitHub suggested naming it as orange-cat.

Great repository names are short and memorable. Need inspiration? How about orange-cat.

GitHub is always right and I had to obey it.

Project Status

This project is not being actively maintained, as I decided to port orange-cat to Node.js. Please refer to the Node.js Port section for the detail.

If interested in the Node.js port, please check out pen.



How it works

To launch orange-cat, simply run the orange command.

$ orange README.md
Listening :6060 ...

Then orange-cat will start watching the Markdown file and open a browser window where the preview of the file will be displayed. You can also open http://localhost:6060/some_file.md manually.

When you modify the file, orange-cat watcher will catch the modification and send the modified data to the browser through a websocket connection. It means, you don't even need to refresh the page.

To stop it, simply enter ^C.

Why another Markdown preview?

I know there're already plenty of Markdown previewers, such as Atom's Markdown preview package, some Vim plugins and other web-based or desktop apps.

However, I don't use any modern IDE or editor. I love Vim. There must be people who love their own prefered editors, like me. I wanted to make a previewer running offline, with any editor, without any dependency.

This is a binary executable, not a script. We don't need any gem, npm or pip to use this. How to use is completely up to you.

I sincerely hope you like orange-cat :)


You can download binaries for your environment in Releases.

If you're using Go, you can just go get orange-cat.

$ go get github.com/noraesae/orange-cat/cmd/orange

If you prefer building from source, it's also very easy.

$ cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/noraesae
$ git clone [email protected]:noraesae/orange-cat.git
$ cd orange-cat
$ make build

The binary orange will be created at $GOPATH/bin/orange.

Custom CSS

orange-cat will try to find a custom CSS file from ~/.orange-cat.css. If there's no custom CSS file, it'll use a default CSS style, which shows a similar output to GitHub's one.

Node.js Port

orange-cat has a Node.js port, pen. Actually, it's not only a port, but has more functionality than orange-cat. The gap is mainly because orange-cat uses Blackfriday as its Markdown parser. It lacks some important features and has minor bugs, although it's the best option among Go Markdown parsers.

So, if you're familiar with Node.js and happy with orange-cat, please try pen too.


I welcome every kind of contribution.

If you have any problem using orange-cat, please file an issue in Issues.

If you'd like to contribute on source, please upload a pull request in Pull Requests. Please don't forget to check if it's gofmt'ed and passes every test before uploading a new pull request. It can be done with following commands.

$ make fmt # gofmt for every source code
$ make test # run Ginkgo test suite

If needed, please add a new test case with your patch.



*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the orange-cat README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.