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Vitess is a database clustering system for horizontal scaling of MySQL through generalized sharding.

By encapsulating shard-routing logic, Vitess allows application code and database queries to remain agnostic to the distribution of data onto multiple shards. With Vitess, you can even split and merge shards as your needs grow, with an atomic cutover step that takes only a few seconds.

Vitess has been a core component of YouTube's database infrastructure since 2011, and has grown to encompass tens of thousands of MySQL nodes.

For more about Vitess, please visit vitess.io.

Vitess has a growing community. You can view the list of adopters here.


Ask questions in the vitess@googlegroups.com discussion forum.

For topics that are better discussed live, please join the Vitess Slack workspace.

Subscribe to vitess-announce@googlegroups.com or the Vitess Blog for low-frequency updates like new features and releases.


Reporting Security Vulnerabilities

To report a security vulnerability, please email vitess-maintainers.

See [Security](SECURITY.md) for a full outline of the security process.

Security Audit

A third party security audit was performed by Cure53. You can see the full report [here](doc/VIT-01-report.pdf).


Unless otherwise noted, the Vitess source files are distributed under the Apache Version 2.0 license found in the LICENSE file.

FOSSA Status

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