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Fleet is the lightweight, open source telemetry platform for servers and workstations. Deploy osquery with Fleet to get comprehensive, customizable data from all your devices and operating systems – without the downtime risk.

Try Fleet

Head to fleetdm.com/try-fleet to fire up a one-off cloud instance for quickly trying out Fleet.

Now what?

Check out the Learn how to use Fleet doc to learn how to add your device to Fleet and how to ask questions about your devices by running queries.


Fleet is independently backed and actively maintained with the help of many amazing contributors.

📖 In keeping with our value of openness, Fleet Device Management's company handbook is public and open source. You can read about the history of Fleet and osquery and our commitment to improving the product. To upgrade from Fleet ≤3.2.0, just follow the upgrading steps for the latest release from this repository (it'll work out of the box).


Documentation for Fleet can be found here.

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Please join us in the #fleet channel on osquery Slack.


Contributions are welcome, whether you answer questions on Slack/GitHub/StackOverflow/Twitter, improve the documentation or website, write a tutorial, give a talk, start a local osquery meetup, troubleshoot reported issues, or submit a patch. The Fleet code of conduct is on GitHub.