Programming language: Go
License: MIT License

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kwatch helps you monitor all changes in your Kubernetes(K8s) cluster, detects crashes in your running apps in realtime, and publishes notifications to your channels (Slack, Discord, etc.) instantly

⚡️ Getting Started


You need to get config template to add your configs

curl  -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/abahmed/kwatch/v0.5.0/deploy/config.yaml -o config.yaml

Then edit config.yaml file and apply your configuration

kubectl apply -f config.yaml

To deploy kwatch, execute following command:

kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/abahmed/kwatch/v0.5.0/deploy/deploy.yaml



Parameter Description
maxRecentLogLines Optional Max tail log lines in messages, if it's not provided it will get all log lines
namespaces Optional comma separated list of namespaces that you want to watch or forbid, if it's not provided it will watch all namespaces. If you want to forbid a namespace, configure it with !<namespace name>. You can either set forbidden namespaces or allowed, not both.
ignoreFailedGracefulShutdown If set to true, containers which are forcefully killed during shutdown (as their graceful shutdown failed) are not reported as error
disableUpdateCheck If set to true, does not check for and notify about kwatch updates


If you want to enable Slack, provide the webhook with optional text and title

Parameter Description
alert.slack.webhook Slack webhook URL
alert.slack.title Customized title in slack message
alert.slack.text Customized text in slack message


If you want to enable Discord, provide the webhook with optional text and title

Parameter Description
alert.discord.webhook Discord webhook URL
alert.discord.title Customized title in discord message
alert.discord.text Customized text in discord message


If you want to enable PagerDuty, provide the integration key

Parameter Description
alert.pagerduty.integrationKey PagerDuty integration key more info


If you want to enable Telegram, provide a valid token and the chat Id.

Parameter Description
alert.telegram.token Telegram token
alert.telegram.chatId Telegram chat id

Microsoft Teams

If you want to enable Microsoft Teams, provide the channel webhook.

Parameter Description
alert.teams.webhook webhook Microsoft team
alert.teams.title Customized title in Microsoft teams message
alert.teams.text Customized title in Microsoft teams message

Rocket Chat

If you want to enable Rocket Chat, provide the webhook with optional text

Parameter Description
alert.rocketchat.webhook Rocket Chat webhook URL
alert.rocketchat.text Customized text in rocket chat message


If you want to enable Mattermost, provide the webhook with optional text and title

Parameter Description
alert.mattermost.webhook Mattermost webhook URL
alert.mattermost.title Customized title in Mattermost message
alert.mattermost.text Customized text in Mattermost message


If you want to enable Opsgenie, provide the API key with optional text and title

Parameter Description
alert.opsgenie.apiKey Opsgenie API Key
alert.opsgenie.title Customized title in Opsgenie message
alert.opsgenie.text Customized text in Opsgenie message


kubectl delete -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/abahmed/kwatch/v0.5.0/deploy/config.yaml
kubectl delete -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/abahmed/kwatch/v0.5.0/deploy/deploy.yaml

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⚠️ License

kwatch is licensed under [MIT License](LICENSE)

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the kwatch README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.