Fitbit API for Go

The official docs do provide partially different data than provided by the API. This project uses the retuned data of the API as base instead of the official fields defined by the documentation. This fields do use omitempty to not break parsing. Partially some fields were added in the documentation but are still missing in the Swagger file provided by Fitbit.

Please note that you need to register an app on https://dev.fitbit.com/apps/new to receive an API key to use any functionality provided by this project. If you want to use the data only for yourself, you can use "Personal" as OAuth application type. This way the API allows access to intraday data like pulse data in second resolution. Otherwise, use "Server" as application type. You can view your existing apps including your credentials at https://dev.fitbit.com/apps.

This project is provided as-is and should be tested before using in any productive environment. Did I forgot something to implement, found a bug,

Programming language: Go
License: MIT License
Tags: Server Applications     API     Health     Go     Package     Library     Fitness     Fitbit    

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