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Latest version: v1.2.0

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HOCON (Human-Optimized Config Object Notation)

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Configuration library for working with the Lightbend's HOCON format. HOCON is a human-friendly JSON superset

Features of HOCON

  • Comments, with # or //
  • Allow omitting the {} around a root object
  • Allow = as a synonym for :
  • Allow omitting the = or : before a { so foo { a : 42 }
  • Allow omitting commas as long as there's a newline
  • Allow trailing commas after last element in objects and arrays
  • Allow unquoted strings for keys and values
  • Unquoted keys can use dot-notation for nested objects, foo.bar=42 means foo { bar : 42 }
  • Duplicate keys are allowed; later values override earlier, except for object-valued keys where the two objects are merged recursively
  • include feature merges root object in another file into current object, so foo { include "bar.json" } merges keys in bar.json into the object foo
  • substitutions foo : ${a.b} sets key foo to the same value as the b field in the a object
  • substitutions concatenate into unquoted strings, foo : the quick ${colors.fox} jumped
  • substitutions fall back to environment variables if they don't resolve in the config itself, so ${HOME} would work as you expect.
  • substitutions normally cause an error if unresolved, but there is a syntax ${?a.b} to permit them to be missing.
  • += syntax to append elements to arrays, path += "/bin"
  • multi-line strings with triple quotes as in Python or Scala

see the documentation for more details about the HOCON https://github.com/lightbend/config/blob/master/HOCON.md


go get -u github.com/gurkankaymak/hocon


package main

import (

func main() {
    hoconString := `
    booleans {
      trueVal: true
      trueValAgain: ${booleans.trueVal}
      trueWithYes: yes
      falseWithNo: no
    // this is a comment
    #  this is also a comment
    numbers {
      intVal: 3
      floatVal: 1.0
    strings {
      a: "a"
      b: "b"
      c: "c"
    arrays {
      empty: []
      ofInt: [1, 2, 3]
      ofString: [${strings.a}, ${strings.b}, ${strings.c}]
      ofDuration: [1 second, 2h, 3 days]
    durations {
      second: 1s
      halfSecond: 0.5 second
      minutes: 5 minutes
      hours: 2hours
      day: 1d
    objects {
      valueObject {
        mandatoryValue: "mandatoryValue"
        arrayValue: ${arrays.ofInt}
        nullValue: null

    conf, err := hocon.ParseResource(hoconString)
    if err != nil {
        log.Fatal("error while parsing configuration: ", err)
    objectValue := conf.GetObject("objects.valueObject")
    arrayValue := conf.GetArray("arrays.ofInt")
    stringValue := conf.GetString("strings.a")
    intValue := conf.GetInt("numbers.intVal")
    floatValue := conf.GetFloat64("numbers.floatVal")
    durationValue := conf.GetDuration("durations.second")
    fmt.Println("objectValue:", objectValue) // {mandatoryValue:mandatoryValue, arrayValue:[1,2,3], nullValue:null}
    fmt.Println("arrayValue:", arrayValue) // [1,2,3]
    fmt.Println("stringValue:", stringValue) // a
    fmt.Println("intValue:", intValue) // 3
    fmt.Println("floatValue:", floatValue) // 1.0
    fmt.Println("durationValue:", durationValue) // 1s
    fmt.Println("all configuration:", conf)