Programming language: Go
License: GNU General Public License v3.0 or later
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The framework for the creation of microservices, written in Golang. (note: http microservice)

Architecture microservice includes:

  • handle
  • tuner (configuration)
  • middleware-style tools (for demo)

Create a new Middleware

Use as a example tools/metric.go file.

Creating a new handler

To do this, you just need to create a new public method in the handler, which takes input http.ResponseWriter, http.Request. Look created to demonstrate the method HelloWorld.


For a general understanding of what is the speed of microservice using the proposed architecture will be high, and bring the benchmark results obtained by me on my computer:

  • BenchmarkMain-2 10000000 192 ns/op
  • BenchmarkMainParallel-2 10000000 104 ns/op


The default configuration file:

  • config.toml

Specify in the command line another file:

  • yourservice -confile other.toml

To change the setting on the command line, you specify the section and parameter name (composed by a slash):

  • yourservice -Main/Port 85

Configuring priorities:

  • command line (highest priority)
  • environment
  • configuration file


Any of these libraries can be replaced or supplemented, in this case, they are likely designed to show which way to develop their own microservices. You might also be useful to connect logstash and influxdb.


Microservice Library does not claim the laurels of the only true solution, but on occasion, I hope, will help you create your own micro-architecture of the service, becoming the prototype for future applications.

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