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Go client for PayPal REST API

Currently supports v2 only, if you want to use v1, use v1.1.4 git tag.


  • POST /v1/oauth2/token
  • POST /v1/identity/openidconnect/tokenservice
  • GET /v1/identity/openidconnect/userinfo/?schema=SCHEMA
  • POST /v1/payments/payouts
  • GET /v1/payments/payouts/ID
  • GET /v1/payments/payouts-item/ID
  • POST /v1/payments/payouts-item/ID/cancel
  • GET /v1/payment-experience/web-profiles
  • POST /v1/payment-experience/web-profiles
  • GET /v1/payment-experience/web-profiles/ID
  • PUT /v1/payment-experience/web-profiles/ID
  • DELETE /v1/payment-experience/web-profiles/ID
  • POST /v1/vault/credit-cards
  • DELETE /v1/vault/credit-cards/ID
  • PATCH /v1/vault/credit-cards/ID
  • GET /v1/vault/credit-cards/ID
  • GET /v1/vault/credit-cards
  • GET /v2/payments/authorization/ID
  • POST /v2/payments/authorization/ID/capture
  • POST /v2/payments/authorization/ID/void
  • POST /v2/payments/authorization/ID/reauthorize
  • GET /v2/payments/sale/ID
  • POST /v2/payments/sale/ID/refund
  • GET /v2/payments/refund/ID
  • POST /v2/checkout/orders
  • GET /v2/checkout/orders/ID
  • PATCH /v2/checkout/orders/ID
  • POST /v2/checkout/orders/ID/authorize
  • POST /v2/checkout/orders/ID/capture
  • POST /v2/payments/billing-plans
  • PATCH /v2/payments/billing-plans/ID
  • POST /v2/payments/billing-agreements
  • POST /v2/payments/billing-agreements/TOKEN/agreement-execute

Missing endpoints

It is possible that some endpoints are missing in this SDK Client, but you can use built-in paypalsdk functions to perform a request: NewClient -> NewRequest -> SendWithAuth

New Client

import "github.com/logpacker/PayPal-Go-SDK"

// Create a client instance
c, err := paypalsdk.NewClient("clientID", "secretID", paypalsdk.APIBaseSandBox)
c.SetLog(os.Stdout) // Set log to terminal stdout

accessToken, err := c.GetAccessToken()

Get authorization by ID

auth, err := c.GetAuthorization("2DC87612EK520411B")

Capture authorization

capture, err := c.CaptureAuthorization(authID, &paypalsdk.Amount{Total: "7.00", Currency: "USD"}, true)

Void authorization

auth, err := c.VoidAuthorization(authID)

Reauthorize authorization

auth, err := c.ReauthorizeAuthorization(authID, &paypalsdk.Amount{Total: "7.00", Currency: "USD"})

Get Sale by ID

sale, err := c.GetSale("36C38912MN9658832")

Refund Sale by ID

// Full
refund, err := c.RefundSale(saleID, nil)
// Partial
refund, err := c.RefundSale(saleID, &paypalsdk.Amount{Total: "7.00", Currency: "USD"})

Get Refund by ID

refund, err := c.GetRefund("O-4J082351X3132253H")

Get Order by ID

order, err := c.GetOrder("O-4J082351X3132253H")

Create an Order

order, err := c.CreateOrder(paypalsdk.OrderIntentCapture, []paypalsdk.PurchaseUnitRequest{paypalsdk.PurchaseUnitRequest{ReferenceID: "ref-id", Amount: paypalsdk.Amount{Total: "7.00", Currency: "USD"}}})

Update Order by ID

order, err := c.UpdateOrder("O-4J082351X3132253H", []paypalsdk.PurchaseUnitRequest{})

Authorize Order

auth, err := c.AuthorizeOrder(orderID, paypalsdk.AuthorizeOrderRequest{})

Capture Order

capture, err := c.CaptureOrder(orderID, paypalsdk.CaptureOrderRequest{})


token, err := c.GrantNewAccessTokenFromAuthCode("<Authorization-Code>", "http://example.com/myapp/return.php")
// ... or by refresh token
token, err := c.GrantNewAccessTokenFromRefreshToken("<Refresh-Token>")

Retreive user information

userInfo, err := c.GetUserInfo("openid")

Create single payout to email

payout := paypalsdk.Payout{
    SenderBatchHeader: &paypalsdk.SenderBatchHeader{
        EmailSubject: "Subject will be displayed on PayPal",
    Items: []paypalsdk.PayoutItem{
            RecipientType: "EMAIL",
            Receiver:      "single-email-payout@mail.com",
            Amount: &paypalsdk.AmountPayout{
                Value:    "15.11",
                Currency: "USD",
            Note:         "Optional note",
            SenderItemID: "Optional Item ID",

payoutResp, err := c.CreateSinglePayout(payout)

Get payout by ID

payout, err := c.GetPayout("PayoutBatchID")

Get payout item by ID

payoutItem, err := c.GetPayoutItem("PayoutItemID")

Cancel unclaimed payout item by ID

payoutItem, err := c.CancelPayoutItem("PayoutItemID")

Create web experience profile

webprofile := WebProfile{
    Name: "YeowZa! T-Shirt Shop",
    Presentation: Presentation{
        BrandName:  "YeowZa! Paypal",
        LogoImage:  "http://www.yeowza.com",
        LocaleCode: "US",

    InputFields: InputFields{
        AllowNote:       true,
        NoShipping:      NoShippingDisplay,
        AddressOverride: AddrOverrideFromCall,

    FlowConfig: FlowConfig{
        LandingPageType:   LandingPageTypeBilling,
        BankTXNPendingURL: "http://www.yeowza.com",

result, err := c.CreateWebProfile(webprofile)

Get web experience profile

webprofile, err := c.GetWebProfile("XP-CP6S-W9DY-96H8-MVN2")

List web experience profile

webprofiles, err := c.GetWebProfiles()

Update web experience profile

webprofile := WebProfile{
    ID: "XP-CP6S-W9DY-96H8-MVN2",
    Name: "Shop YeowZa! YeowZa! ",
err := c.SetWebProfile(webprofile)

Delete web experience profile

err := c.DeleteWebProfile("XP-CP6S-W9DY-96H8-MVN2")


// Store CC
    Number:      "4417119669820331",
    Type:        "visa",
    ExpireMonth: "11",
    ExpireYear:  "2020",
    CVV2:        "874",
    FirstName:   "Foo",
    LastName:    "Bar",

// Delete it

// Edit it
c.PatchCreditCard("CARD-ID-123", []paypalsdk.CreditCardField{
        Operation: "replace",
        Path:      "/billing_address/line1",
        Value:     "New value",

// Get it

// Get all stored credit cards

How to Contribute

  • Fork a repository
  • Add/Fix something
  • Check that tests are passing
  • Create PR

Current contributors:


  • Unit tests: go test
  • Integration tests: go test -tags=integration