piladb is a lightweight RESTful database engine based on stack data structures. Create as many stacks as you need, PUSH or POP elements of any kind, and have access to the one on top always in constant time.

Features Stacks are auto-scalable and are only limited by the capacity of the host or by configuration. Available POP, PUSH, PEEK,SIZE, and FLUSH operations for each of the stacks. Manage stacks and other resources by using a REST API, so you can use it with your favorite programming language. Manage elements in JSON-compatible data types: strings, numbers, arrays, objects, etc. Totally configurable using a REST API, or CLI parameters. In-memory store. Written in Go, i.e. binaries are self-contained and distributable.

Programming language: Go
Tags: REST     Database     Data Structures     Key Value Storage     In-Memory     Stack    

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