Remember to drink every 30 minutes with this simple app.

Programming language: Go
License: GNU General Public License v3.0 only
Latest version: v2.3.1

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Water Reminder

Build Status Go Report Card License: GPL v3

:droplet: :droplet: :droplet:

Remember to drink every 15/30/45/60 minutes with this simple app.

For now the app displays the icon in the notifications only in linux.

MacOS Linux
WR-MacOS WR-Linux



  • Download the latest release for MacOS (.dmg file)
  • Move Water Reminder.app file in Applications
  • Launch the app, then go into preferences, security and allow the app to be executed, since it is not trusted by Apple.
  • To make the app run at startup open preferences, users, [your user], login items and add the app to the list


  • Download the latest release for Linux (the simple drink_linux binary file) and place it wherever you want
  • To make the app runnable from the applications grid, first launch it from the terminal, then you need to create water-reminder.desktop file in $HOME/.local/share/applications and copy this, changing [your username] [Desktop Entry] Name=Water Reminder Exec=/path/to/drink_linux Terminal=false Type=Application Comment=Remember to drink every 30 minutes Icon=/home/[your username]/.config/water-reminder/water-glass.png
  • To make the app run at startup (using water-reminder.desktop and if you have gnome-tweak-tools installed) you can open Tweaks and add Water Reminder to the startup applications. Otherwise, if you didn't create water-reminder.desktop or if you don't have gnome-tweak-tools, open "Startup Applications", press "Add" and in the command section type path/to/drink_linux. Give the app the name you want


To build from source, all you need to do is to install Go (the latest version is ok), clone the repo (go.mod and go.sum files (Go modules) will install for you every Go library needed) and then build with go build -o [name] drink.go lib.go

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Water Reminder README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.